22nd March, 2018
Progress towards achieving our stated goals
Three committee members from Chichester met Gillian Keegan MP today and put their case.  She agreed to talk to CDC Head of Planning Services regarding initiating prosecutions against Linden where buildings have been abundantly evidenced as not complying with building regulations.
They also talked about Big Developers’ unique exemption from Local Authority building controls and discussed the efficacy of the policies provided by the Building Guarantee provider’s (NHBC and Premier).   We hope to report further action on these issues shortly.
26th March, 2018
Notice of Misleading Advertising Claim – pending ASA submission
We note that Linden Homes describes itself as ‘Builder of the Year’.  It seems the Large Housebuilder of the Year award was last won by Linden Homes five years ago in 2013 and, given Linden’s performance evidenced elsewhere on this Website, we believe that this claim is now seriously misleading.

The claim of ‘Builder of the Year’ should be accompanied by ‘2013’ or the claim should be withdrawn from all literature and advertising.

We have today demanded that Linden Homes discontinues making misleading claims and that all literature bearing misleading claims is destroyed within seven days of today’s date.  We have prepared a formal complaint which will be submitted to the Advertising Standards Authority in the absence of a satisfactory reply from Linden Homes.

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