The following is published by Linden, but appears to us to have been written for an entirely different company.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do in the Group. We manage our relationships and quality procedures at a divisional level so that we can tailor our approach to the relevant customer.

Our Building and Infrastructure divisions build long-term relationships with clients. Through mutual trust and open dialogue we get to understand our client’s ambitions and then we work collaboratively to deliver our shared goals. 

The quality of our buildings is ensured through regular internal audits conducted by our dedicated Quality Managers, as well as external audits, of our ISO 9001 certified management system. We actively engage in dialogue with our customers at various levels within the organisation and have achieved BS 11000 certification for our approach to collaboration.

Customer satisfaction is independently assessed by a third party on a project by project basis and we use a dedicated software platform to internally analyse the data and develop improvement plans. Our internal Infrastructure Excellence awards provide another opportunity to recognise project achievements.

We recognise the importance of Building Information Modelling and have a developed a Keeping BIM Simple strategy to enable the integration of BIM Target Maturity Levels within our business well in advance of Government targets. Delivery of this strategy is supported by our BIM working Group. 

Galliford Try Partnerships and Linden Homes build architect designed quality homes for housing associations and private home owners respectively. Both divisions follow comprehensive quality management systems, the Linden Homes approach being known as the Linden Way, to deliver consistently high quality products and services. Compliance with these is verified through internal audits (Partnerships) or a four stage sign-off procedure involving production, sales, customer service and quality managers (Linden Homes).

The importance we place on customer service is articulated through our Customer Charter and the Linden Way procedures set out how we support our customers at each step of their purchasing journey. This includes providing customers with a homeowner manual which sets out the purchase process (and other useful information such as tips on greener living) and conducting a home demonstration, during which we explain every aspect of their home. When the customer moves in they are given additional technical information (appliance manuals etc.)

Galliford Try Mission Statemets


It’s just a shame that this is not adhered to, else this website and the problems which have driven previous Linden Homes Customers to do this, would not have happened. 

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