The sewage pump for the entire Linden Homes Heathlands estate development is in the Bullers’ front garden along with 15 man hole covers around the house (Courtesy Mailonline)

Mark Buller and wife Rhian bought a dream family home in Surrey in 2016 but their dream turned into a nightmare when the house began to ‘smell like poo’ even with the windows closed.  The Bullers discovered a sewage pump under their home and 11 drains littered around their front garden.  Mark and Rhian and their three children are living above the sewage system through which waste from every house on the estate flows.  Fed up with being ‘fobbed off’ by Linden Homes the Bullers have begun to publicly shame the huge developer.  The CEO of Galliford Try, Peter Truscott, the parent company of Linden Homes sent Rhian this intimidating email:

“Obviously it is your prerogative as to what publicity that you seek, but it will not influence our decision making. This will be based upon a factual review of the situation. However, I would make it clear that we will not be responsible for making good any loss of value or blight that may occur in respect of your Property as a result of the media attention that you have attracted.”

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