Some Linden Homes defects uncovered by independent experts nearly all unresolved after five years:

  • Plastic plumbing held together with mastic instead of the correct solvent glue to speed up installation but the joints fail, sometimes years later.
  • Roofing fixed onto internal grade chipboard instead of proper material, which reduced costs to the builder but disintegrated shortly after.
  • Windows fixed insecurely to save time but the windows have been pronounced unsafe.  Other windows are ill-fitting, out of square, unsupported, etc.
  • Roofs tiled in contravention of regulations have been condemned as a health and safety hazard.
  • Cantilever Balconies not built and installed correctly and out of level.
  • Basement car park tanking not installed correctly (car park floods with every shower of rain).
  • Air bricks blocked up, subterranean services left open, electric connections haywire, etc.

The developer, Linden Homes, insists that relevant pieces of paper confirm regulations have been complied with and is unwilling to remedy most of the defects identified by independent surveyors.  Chichester District Council’s (CDC) Building Control Manager wrote to Linden Homes Group MD threatening that the council could consider action under Dangerous Structures legislation and the letter listed fourteen critical defects, but the Authority claims no liability for building control on major developments and has refused to prosecute.

Dirty Tricks
Our ‘Dirty Tricks’ page details some of the money spinning capers that the corporate ‘developers’ like Linden are getting up to in order to maximise their returns on investment.  No concern appears to be given to building homes fit for people to live in.


3-Roof coping damage photos
4-Window defects photos
5-Roof defects photos
6-Underground car park flooding photos

For more information and access to the Schedule of claims made and statements recorded, cross-referenced to our archive of relevant supporting documentary evidence, please use our Contact page to apply for access.

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